WebGuard - FAQ

  • Is WebGuard offering a product or a service?

    WebGuard offers online services through an easy-to-use online member area. There is no software to install and it doesn't require any program or technical skills to use it . You just need to add a little piece of code to your website and we do the work!

    How often is the vulnerability database updated?

    Every day. And that's why we scan our customer's websites everyday, because there are new vulnerabilities that emerge constantly that could put you or your customers at risk.

    How does WebGuard protect my personal information?

    First it is using SSL and all stored data is kept in an encrypted format so that nobody can read it. It is also protected by firewalls and the highest security possible.

    What is WebGuard?

    WebGuard offers a suite of affordable priced services designed to continually monitor website security, create a hacker-free secure environment, ensure the privacy of your website visitors and a lot more. And with increased website security comes increased website conversions (more sales!)

    Why choose WebGuard?

    • • More than 20 years in the computer industry, so you are dealing with practical and valuable experience
    • • Economical solution, starting as low as 1$ a day and you can also try all our services for free for 30 days
    • • Pofessional security experts
    • • Commitment to quality and ethics

    Are WebGuard's security services offered only to a specific area or country?

    WebGuard can service any website from anywhere around the world. We schedule our scans during off-peak hours within the time zone that you do business in.

    Will the scan make my website slower?

    Any kind of scan will use bandwith or create some kind of traffic on any kind of website, but at WebGuard we scan your website during off-peak hours to make sure we don't slow down your website.

    What if I want to cancel my services?

    If you have the free scan, you can cancel at any time. You just have to login to your account and choose the option "Cancel my services" and we will delete your account. On a month-to-month basis, the customer has to pay for the month ahead, so if your payment is not received before the first day of the month, the service will automatically "expire" (don't worry, we send reminders a couple of days before that happens). If you paid for a year in advance, your discount is only valid if you remain for the 12 months, and if you decide to cancel your services before the end of the 12 months, any rights to receive a pre-payment discount will be forfeit and your refund amount will be determined based on the regular monthly rate for your service (as advertized on the website at the time of the cancellation, which could be a different amount than when you ordered your services) multiplied by the total number of months of service used (no matter how many days have been used in that month). You may or may not receive a refund.

    How do I pay for my services?

    Through your online account. We have an easy online payment process and we accept all major credit cards and paypal.

    Why do I have to create a member's account?

    All the information requested to create a new account is required to be able to use our services. It is that information that we check, it is a part of why you pay us! Also our member's area is there to make it really easy for our customers to manage their account, pay online, check the reports or find anything else related to the services provided.

    Who should use WebGuard's services?

    Anybody who has an online presence that collects any kind of information from their visitors or that sells something should have WebGuard's seals. Hackers and identity thieves are interested in any kind of websites, not just the ones that process credit cards. As soon as you ask for an e-mail address or personal information, you become a target for cybercrime.

    What is the procedure to become a member or start using WebGuard's services?

    First, all customers need to fill-out a form and all fields are mandatory. Why? Because we need to know all that information to be able to verify your identity and business information (that's what you pay us for!). Your information is completely safe with us. Once all the information has been verified and approved, you receive an e-mail that validates your order and requests you to log-in to your online account. Now you only need to grab the code that has been created for you and put it on your website (easy instructions). A first scan will be performed on your website as soon as the seal is installed. Then you receive your first report. You just need to verify if there are some warnings to take care of right away, and if yes, there are some solutions provided on the report to fix them. That's it!

    It is a bit different if you choose the Business Verification Seal or the Privacy Seal as these two services don't require any scanning but a human interaction instead. For the Business Verification Seal you need to send a few documents (detailed instructions by e-mail) and a customer service representative takes care of your company personally. For the Privacy Seal you don't need to do anything. A WebGuard customer representative will verify your information and will contact you by e-mail for further instructions.

    Why do I need to continue using the services every month? Why not just once?

    It doesn't mean that because your website is safe today that it will be tomorrow. Attacks and hacking can happen at any moment and new vulnerabilities are found everyday. So by scanning your website everyday with an always up-to-date vulnerability scan, we can prevent malicious activity on your website and protect your visitors' confidential information. Also, when your visitors look at your seal(s) and see that it has today's date on it, they know that your company's website is live (that there is activity on it) and that it is safe to do business with you today.