We, the people behind WebGuard, have more than 20 years experience in the computer industry. We started as computer retailers - selling new and reconditioned computers at affordable prices. As our customer base increased, we opened mega store locations across North America.

In 1994, we made the jump to e-commerce and have consistently grown over the years into one of the largest refurbished and used computer liquidators in the country. We now service Canada, the United States, Europe and other countries around the world. Our reputation as a solid company, whose primary concern is customer satisfaction, has been proven over years of dedicated customer service.

During all these years, we have experienced and dealt with every kind of conceivable attack on our website that hackers could come up with. The inspiration for WebGuard came out of our own real-world attempts to secure our websites, which have a solid reputation for safe and hacker free shopping.

Our company has directly experienced the uptick in sales that come from having a safe and secure online order environment from our own customers. WebGuard is just our way of passing on the knowledge that we have accumulated over the years, at a fraction of the cost that it took us to secure our own websites from malicious attacks. We've covered every possible scenario so that you never have to. Hackers can knock down websites, make businesses loose thousands of dollars in lost sales, access personal information and credit card numbers, which not only lead to lost sales, but can severely, and sometimes permanently, damage a company's reputation.

We searched for a solution to this problem and found that the majority of the security packages available to small to medium businesses were not affordable. That's why we created WebGuard. Our goal was simple - provide top notch web security at a price that any business can afford.

We hope you will become a part of the WebGuard family, and can experience the same increase in sales and conversions that we noticed after implementing each security measure.