Why You Need the Webguard Security Seal

Website security is very important for any organization or business that has a website. These days, websites are under constant attack from hackers. Their intention is usually to gain access to the computers and details of the customers of an organization. They can use vulnerabilities in a website to gain that access.

Some low profile websites receive more than 1000 attacks each minute. These attacks include Cross-Site Scripting attacks, Brute Force attacks, and SQL Injection attacks. Such attacks can allow hackers to break into your website and damage the reputation of your enterprise. Free or poorly written website software may have coding errors that allow it to be susceptible to malicious attacks.

Hackers usually break into websites with the intention of spamming, setting up fake pages and stealing credit card information among other things. It Is therefore imperative to ensure that your website is secure for customers. If customers get viruses or malware from your website, they will not be willing to visit it again. This can cause your business to lose money.

In order to ensure that your website is safe from hackers and malicious links, you should protect it with a website security service such as WebGuard. This web security solution works by scanning your site for a potential hacker attacks and constantly sending you detailed reports about the status of your site.

WebGuard can detect viruses and malware quickly, enabling you to solve the problem in a timely fashion. This website security solution scans for more than sixty thousand security problems to ensure that your website does not have any breaches.If your website has medium to high daily traffic, you can choose the full WebGuard Security scan. It will scan your server or website daily. If you do not update your website frequently, you can choose WebGuard Lite, which will perform security scans on your site each month.

WebGuard can provide you and your customers with peace of mind. When your website is protected by WebGuard, the WebGuard security seal will appear on it. With this security seal, you can increase customer convergence by up to fourteen percent. The reason for this is that customers usually trust websites, which feature a trust seal in a location that can easily be seen. If the WebGuard seal appears in a prominent position on your site, customers will be sure that your website is safe and secure. They will therefore not worry about buying products, services or entering their financial or personal information on your website.

After WebGuard runs scans your website, it will inform you about the things you need to fix in order to make your site more secure. It runs the scans during off peak hours in order to keep your website’s load low. When you fix the problems, the Webgurad Seal will show you the date of your last scan and you can click on it to view your website security certificate. If you get into problems as you fix the problems on your website, you can communicate with a Security Scan Specialist through email or telephone and inform him or her about the problem.