Why You Need the Webguard Security Seal

Website security is very important for any organization or business that has a website. These days, websites are under constant attack from hackers. Their intention is usually to gain access to the computers and details of the customers of an organization. They can use vulnerabilities in a website to gain that access.

Some low profile websites receive more than 1000 attacks each minute. These attacks include Cross-Site Scripting attacks, Brute Force attacks, and SQL Injection attacks. Such attacks can allow hackers to break into your website and damage the reputation of your enterprise. Free or poorly written website software may have coding errors that allow it to be susceptible to malicious attacks.

Hackers usually break into websites with the intention of spamming, setting up fake pages and stealing credit card information among other things. It Is therefore imperative to ensure that your website is secure for customers. If customers get viruses or malware from your website, they will not be willing to visit it again. This can cause your business to lose money.

In order to ensure that your website is safe from hackers and malicious links, you should protect it with a website security service such as WebGuard. This web security solution works by scanning your site for a potential hacker attacks and constantly sending you detailed reports about the status of your site.

WebGuard can detect viruses and malware quickly, enabling you to solve the problem in a timely fashion. This website security solution scans for more than sixty thousand security problems to ensure that your website does not have any breaches.If your website has medium to high daily traffic, you can choose the full WebGuard Security scan. It will scan your server or website daily. If you do not update your website frequently, you can choose WebGuard Lite, which will perform security scans on your site each month.

WebGuard can provide you and your customers with peace of mind. When your website is protected by WebGuard, the WebGuard security seal will appear on it. With this security seal, you can increase customer convergence by up to fourteen percent. The reason for this is that customers usually trust websites, which feature a trust seal in a location that can easily be seen. If the WebGuard seal appears in a prominent position on your site, customers will be sure that your website is safe and secure. They will therefore not worry about buying products, services or entering their financial or personal information on your website.

After WebGuard runs scans your website, it will inform you about the things you need to fix in order to make your site more secure. It runs the scans during off peak hours in order to keep your website’s load low. When you fix the problems, the Webgurad Seal will show you the date of your last scan and you can click on it to view your website security certificate. If you get into problems as you fix the problems on your website, you can communicate with a Security Scan Specialist through email or telephone and inform him or her about the problem.

Why You Need WebGuard

With the increased number of malware and hacker attacks over the internet, users surfing the Internet need extra protection. While a site may look harmless, it could potentially be a source of malware. The risk level while surfing doubtful sites grows considerably. A computer can be infected when the user downloads and starts malicious files, or even without the knowledge of the user. The WebGuard, however, will help prevent infecting of a computer in all cases by checking and blocking all downloaded files in case of a threat. Below are reasons why you need WebGuard.

Keep your site safe from hackers and malicious links

WebGuard will identify over 60, 000 malicious links and security holes on your site that could potentially allow a hacker to gain access to your computer and steal sensitive information, harm your customers, or corrupt your site. It will help you scan your website for any potential hacker attacks, sending you up-to-date reports regularly. A monthly website scanner, WebGuard LITE, is for individuals and companies who rarely/ never change their website at all.


 WebGuard Security Seal increases customer conversion by over 14%

Websites featuring security seals in a prominent position are implicitly trusted by customers. According to studies, the addition of a website trust seal could boost sales on a site by over 14%. Security Seals entice visitors to a website to buy the products and services.

Automated monthly security scans

A monthly vulnerability and security scan, with detailed reports, will tell you what should be fixed to make your site more secure and hacker free. These scans run during off peak times to keep your site load low. When all the problems found are fixed, clicking on the Seal will enable you to view your website certificate.

Website verification of business and contact information

This is included in the Seal and it certifies that you are indeed the person you say you are. It verifies company address, telephone number, domain name and site, as well as your email address.

Email technical Assistance

The technical support you will receive when you have a technical issue or experience any problem with the service will be very helpful. A Security Scan Specialist will be assigned to your case to find a solution and will contact you as soon as s/he finds the answer.

Scan Features:

Free Security Scan

Vulnerabilities Scan

Broken Links Scan

SQL Injection Scan

Site Performance Scan

Blacklist Scan

Scan Frequency (daily, monthly, once)


Other Features:

Security Seal

Ownership Verification

Detailed Security Reports

Complete Site Security Check Service

If website security is not a top priority for an organization, hackers can take advantage of vulnerabilities of web-based applications including login pages, forms, dynamic content, shopping carts, etc. Web applications are accessible 24/7 and control valuable customer data. By not conducting a website security check, major online companies worldwide has lost millions of dollars in revenue.

Regardless of the size of a business, it is important to keep both company and customer files safe and secure. WebGuard website security scanner offers website security for as little as $1 per day. You could start with a free security scan to learn more.

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Have you ever been hacked or had your computer infected by a virus on a particular site? It is usually a painful pill to swallow. Apart from the loss of finances you are bound to suffer, there is a huge amount of time that you waste. In addition, lingering memories make it all the more painful.

So imagine if it is your own website that causes others or your clients to suffer similar pain. Such a possibility is real. Before it can happen , you need to consider ways to increase security on your website.

Security seals offer such protection. Security seals are essentially stamps of approval that are provided by a third party. Companies that provide trust seals to other businesses may provide SSL Certificates, Privacy Policy, Rating and Reviews, PCI Scanning, Product Guarantees or Business Identity Verification.

A security seal may be in the form of a small image placed on the website to boost confidence and trust among visitors. These seals increase sales conversions as they provide vital tools for business relationship management with potential customers.

Generally Security seals should be easy to identify. They should assist in dispelling customer concerns such as privacy, business identity and Security. Additionally the trust seal should have the company name that issued the seal and the website that is presently using the seal. This minimizes seal theft and informs visitors that a trusted third party has issued this seal to the relevant company.

The security seal should have a specific date on it. This confirms that the seal and service are valid and are in good standing with the issuer of the seal. Usually you can click on the trust seal and it will display detailed certificates. Alternatively you may simply go to the issuers company’s website and verify their database.

An additional security feature of these seals is that you can keep your information private. One option is to set your business address and support phone to private once they are verified. This can be done during the verification process or by support staff anytime later on.

Web Guard Security seals ensure the safety of any website. It boosts the confidence of visitors. Usually Web Guard Security’s main aim is to protect a website from malware. It is important to have your website scanned for encrypted connections

Having free web site protection is the first step in the right direction. Later you can upgrade to a daily scan which can boost your business growth and increase your profits. You should always make sure that you select the security system that fits your requirements and enterprise needs

Some malware are designed to retrieve information from your website. This information is usually potentially your customer’s private information. Fraudsters use this private information to access financial records, bank accounts and other crucial data.

Providing safeguards against such malware shows you clients that you really care about their well being. Apart from gaining client confidence, it is also important to note that having such security increases the value of your brand.

On secured and certified websites

Professional web developers know that the internet is not a secure network, although it is the largest one in the world. Without the internet, web developers would never be able to publicize their work. Just like any community, the web is also a mix of the good and the bad people, and it’s pretty difficult to distinguish between the two at first glance. Security is a big issue, and if you’re one of the people who are aspiring to be good web developers or programmers, it’s essential to know that you should protect your site.

Early experience with web programming tells most programmers that there are a lot of holes to fix with most websites, and it is usually tiresome to remedy them when a website has already been deployed in the internet, especially if the architecture of the website is not properly documented. Nonetheless, if you want your site to be flocked with users from all over the world, make it a point that your website is secure and free from malicious software after providing the necessary security modules; this can be done with a website scan seal. How can this be obtained? There are other websites that offer scanning of your website using an updated website scanner. If results show that your site has no dangerous software embedded, then the site will provide you with a seal, and be sure to make the seal visible somewhere in your website for people to see. This enhances their sense of comfort when browsing through your website and improves the chance of other people advertising your site if they find its contents useful.

However, a website scan seal is only valid for so long, and with the ever-advancing field of web development, more and more complex malicious software are being made every day. It is an implicit requirement that you protect your site by checking for security holes at a frequent interval, maybe twice or thrice a week, better if you can do it every day. It is easier to find out about your site’s security flaws by providing a feature that enables users to give feedback with regards to contents of your site, or a module that shows a simple interface on reporting a bug. If you are the one who loves to take on a challenge, you can check your own site in-code for suspicious content, and this is usually effective only if you have thorough knowledge of malicious software development, since you know how they infect a website and how deep in the server those software can get through.

It is not easy to maintain your website at a secure level, knowing that there are a lot of virus programmers out there seeking thrill at the idea of wreaking havoc on the computers of others. There are also those looking to gather data and invade the privacy of their visitors. Still, a web developer’s responsibility is in making sure that his work is indeed safe for users by showing a website scan seal that is updated. If you’re a web programmer yourself, get oriented with as much detail as possible on how to protect your site from hackers.