How Much Web Security Do You Need – Check With WebGuard

Latest data from various reports show steady increase of viruses, malware, and other harmful pieces of software all over the internet. In the past, majority of those “programs” were aimed at home used computers. Stealing data from a single PC has become harder thanks to development and improvements of antivirus protection software over the years. But what about the data kept on web servers and data that are used at various websites?

Websites are more prone to hacker attacks

Website hackers are new brand of internet villains. Data they are able to steal could be worth a lots of money and their attention isn’t focused only on changing website content or blocking website owners from accessing their sites but also on taking valuable information such as credit card details, PayPal or Payoneer account names etc. Unlike home based computers, websites are online 24/7 and hackers have more time to work on them which makes the issue of web security even more important.

Protecting your website has two major concerns, one is not allowing planting any kind of malware or virus inside by someone while on the other hand you also need to protect your visitors and potential customers if you are offering services or selling products. Having a web scan seal on your website will not turn away hackers and potential attackers from trying to get inside, but will definitely insure your visitors that they can trust you and should feel safe doing business with you – gaining your potential customers trust is important step in any business.

Business is all about trust

Another thing that most people forget is that most websites also have a blog or forum attached to it. In order to increase website rankings in search engines, this has become a must with most businesses. Interacting with visitors and customers has become more important than advertising as search engines will rank website based on the number of total monthly visits. In order to interact with people you must give freedom to your visitors in forms of commenting or adding their opinions either on blog or forum. Can someone leave a link to malicious software there? How often do you scan those links for malware and viruses? In order to increase customers trust, you should do this on everyday basis, if you don’t how many customers will come back and do business or buy something from you ever again?

Web security services are becoming important part of every website and if you want to check your website for any possible data leaks, be sure to visit