Web Security Checks and Improvements with WebGuard

Ten years ago, main target of the hackers everywhere were personal computers we had at our homes. With technological advances, we’ve witnessed creation of CMS platforms such as WordPress and Joomla which require very little or no technical knowledge for website creation. Web hosting companies often offer free website builders which allow anyone to have and create their own website. It’s not hard imagining why today’s hackers have turned their attention from home based PCs towards websites and servers hosting them.

Additional Security is more than Welcome!

To be honest, web hosting companies will often offer some sort of security for your website for free, like web security scanner alongside the option of daily backups of your website but they are not in the business of antivirus protection or protection of your data. If you are owner of a WordPress or Joomla based website, you already know that there are a lot of different plugins that are used to improve the overall look of your website or increase its performance or just to integrate SEO tools and add share buttons into your web content. It’s also well-known fact that those plugins are being written and created by individuals who may overlook safety and security – those plugins can be great security threat to your website.

Any website, even if it’s only a simple blog based, has money making capabilities – either through Google advertisement or from affiliate market links. Imagine a scenario where you invested time and money into advertising and finally have a website that ranks well in search engines, if your website is on the first page of Google you can sell almost anything related to your content. Why would your website be interesting to website hackers? Simply because your visitors are buying something from your website and the whole process includes names and emails attached either to credit cards or PayPal accounts. Now imagine if someone managed to get all that data from you, how many customers would come back to your website and how many would recommend or share your content. Now you’re beginning to see why every website owner needs additional security.

If you have no additional security installed for your website, maybe it’s time to start thinking about at least checking if there are any safety “holes” potential hackers could exploit. One place than can give you free scan and check if your website has any web application vulnerabilities is WebGuard.com. They also have additional options that can increase overall security of your website.