Plug In Any Security Holes You May Have With WebGuard

Thanks to the evolution of the internet and development of platforms like WordPress, we’re witnessing hundreds of new websites being published every day. If in the past e-mail viruses and various types of malware programs were the number one threat in digital world, today’s pests have evolved just like the internet has. Web servers hosting websites are main point of security attacks and website hackers are new breed of digital culprits.

PC protection vs. website protection

All web hosting companies offer some sort of protection, it’s either antivirus protection or some sort of emergency backups done on daily basis to keep your web content safe. Even if your website doesn’t have a lot of pages or posts (in case of a blog) it may have some security issues which should be taken seriously. When it comes to your visitors, they are left at their own, most windows based PCs do have some sort of antivirus programs installed, but if you are in a business of selling products at your website you may be a tempting target for hackers. If you are selling digital products having and malware scan free can be a bonus in search for new potential customers.

Protect your website by protecting your customers

You may not think it’s a big deal, especially if you are selling through affiliate links (just sending buyers to sales website not owned by you) but if you are making direct sales, any data leak from your site into the hands of hackers can do a lot of damage to you and to your customers. Most web based sales include names, e-mails and credit card details (this is why many websites have accepted PayPal, Skrill and other means of safe money transaction as main payment options) which can be misused by hackers not only to steal money but also to sell those names and e-mail addresses to someone else. Adding web scan seal to your website can be helpful, assuring your potential buyers safety and making it easier for them to leave their details (as well as monewebsite hackers y) at your website.

If you are owner of a website that does sell either directly or through affiliate links, it would be best to make a few security scans just to be sure there are no data leaks or any safety holes that may be danger to you or your visitors and customers. If you don’t know how to do this yourself we can recommend where you can get web vulnerability test for free.