Protect Your Business from Hackers and Malicious Software

A website that does not have security is at grave danger of being hacked and being attacked by a virus. This makes the website weak, unstable, vulnerable and potentially dangerous as well for its users. The worst that can happen for your business is for your users to lose their faith in you. If your website has been attacked by a virus of malicious links then in all liability your users will also be affected. And if they are affected this means negative publicity for your business. You need to install a good website security service that will help protect your website.

Do your bit

Besides installing a good virus and malware protection you can take some precautions of your own. If you are wondering how you can make your website more secure and less prone to hackers, then you should try some of the steps below:

• Update your scripts

As and when you see that there is an update for your script available then you should update it without hesitation. The update doesn’t have to contain major new features. It could even contain small bug fixes that will help keep your website more secure.


• Use a complex password

It’s always good to use a strong password for your website. To make it complex use a combination of letters, numbers upper case, lower case and special characters. Keep it a minimum of 10 characters in length.


• Guard your admin email

Keep your admin email address away from public view and access. This will decrease your chances of receiving malicious mail and you will be less exposed to hackers and malware.


• Rename your installation folder

Rather than deleting it, you could rename your installation folder. If a hacker gains remote access to your computer they could reinstall and control your entre website.


• Use plugins that cater to an extra barrier of protection

Plugins can enhance the performance of your websites script. Add plugins from trusted sites to create an even stronger barrier of protection.


• Use a password for your DB

More often than not you will not be required to enter a password for your database. But by all means go ahead and add a password. Contrary to popular belief a password for your DB will by no means slow your website down.


• Alter your DB table prefix

If our website is run from a blog or a forum script then you can change the default database table prefix. This makes it tougher for hackers to extract data from your website.

Get a good security service

There are plenty of services that claim to protect your website from hackers and hackers and malware. But there are a few trusted ones that can actually give you the protection that you need. Services like WebGuard website security gives you the opportunity to scan your website for free and check if it is at risk or not. It will even give you a detailed report so that you can take the necessary precaution.