3 Reasons Why Your Website should be Scanned Regularly for Online Threats

To reduce different risks on your website a website security check is almost mandatory in today’s times. This is why there are so many website security scanning tools such as WebGuard.com that are so high in demand. It is very common today to see a website getting hijacked by a hacker and used for some wrong intent or profit through unfair means.

Main Aims of Hacking Attempts

Some of those hackers even do this just for fun or for taking a shot at their competitors. When you regularly security scan a website has higher chances of being on the safer side compared to a website, which has not undergone a website security scan check for long.

The hackers who highjack your website usually just want to show off how they can replace the content of your website with their own or divert all the traffic on your website to a different domain. That said people what want to leverage your website for wrong reasons don’t want to get caught or uncovered at any cost. This also means that you may not even know that your website has been hacked until it’s too late. The biggest examples were hack attacks on the bit-coin sites that ultimately caused irreparable damages and forced them to shut-down, and file for bankruptcy!

You can even consider website free online security scan and fix services that are available online for trials. They allow you to test scan your website few times for free.

Without leveraging a good online website security scanner you wouldn’t even know that your website is getting probed by outsiders because of security loopholes. Mentioned below are 3 reasons why website security scanner tools are so important in today’s turbulent online world.

  • On a website what does a security scan look like is something every new website owner is curious about. If a hacker manages to install a malware in the browser of your possible website visitor then when they try to log on to your website they would get a warning “This site may harm your computer.” This would in no time de-index your website from Google and it could take months together to re-index and get your search engine rankings back. When you run a security check you typically see different types of threats and malware that are detected in your computer or website and if they are fixed or not.
  • One of the nightmares can be a hacker getting access to the database of your website as this way they could easily get all the sensitive data stored there and use it for wrong purposes. This could hit your business negatively like anything. A regular web security scanner evaluation can keep you safe from such catastrophic events that could happen to your business.
  • Another very big possible threat is a hacker getting access to your business mailbox. He can easily send thousands of spam mails to main e-mail addresses. This could in no time get your website black listed; not to mention your web hosting account could also get suspended or even terminated. At this point even the best free website security scan may not be able to help you as it would already be too late.


On the Whole

This is why every website owner should take some time out and invest in a reliable website security scanner. Whether you want web security scanner for Linux, web security scanner for Mac or web security scanner for Windows there are many reliable choices available online.