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Why Do You Need the Website Scans Regularly to Keep Your Website Safe and Protected?

The world of hackers is progressing at a rapid pace with more modern technologies being made available at their disposal. They are constantly making more complex codes that can’t be scanned by the outdated anti-virus programs and malware scanners. In simple words, the presence of hackers has become far more pronounced today than it was a year ago.
Thousands of companies in United States and around the world have been their targets along with some of the biggest celebrities and politicians falling prey to them. Many of these celebrities have even gone on record to say that their websites or bank accounts were not compromised, but the stolen data were available online for the world to see. This proves that no one is really safe in the online world, and the need for improved website protection is becoming direr than ever before.

Compromises and its Announcements

Right from the dawn of 2013 a series of companies was targeted one after another and the news was all over the Internet. While there were many companies that thought admitting hacker attacks will get them sympathy votes, there were many others who didn’t want to sound compromised and thus preferred to be in denial.
In either of the cases, the people who are connected knew what was happening around thanks to the fact that people no more need only PCs or laptops to get connected, as they are always connected through their Smartphone and tablets. Then the huge popularity of social media also contributed to leakage of such news about the infamous acts of hackers.

Hackers Don’t Spare Even the Top Guns

Even the websites of the biggest companies and banks couldn’t safeguard themselves without a good web security scanner. Many of these companies also choose to announce their attacks in conjunction with other similarly-sized companies so that they weren’t really looked down upon by people. Such is the impact of hackers that even the biggest of the companies including Google and Intel have fallen to their prey and become really weak and vulnerable.

Few Other Companies Targeted

The website security issues were not just limited to a handful of companies. Early in 2013, Twitter was one of the many victims of these attacks. Soon after there were announcements of biggies like Apple and Facebook being under hacker’s attack. Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and NBC were three other popular victims of such attacks. Then the companies like Bloomberg, Exxon Mobile, Coca-Cola, Jeep and Burger King continued denying that they were attacks but there were enough proofs to confirm their attacks.

What should be inferred?

When we hear some of the biggest companies being attacked one after another in a matter of few months, what do we infer? Should we believe that there is nothing that can be done to protect our websites? Or is there something that can actually be effective and still affordable? The answer to the last question is yes. You can always have your first line of defense against these hackers.
You should understand that the big companies were targeted because they were big and popular. So the lesser known websites are that much lesser at risk, which is arguably directly proportional to the popularity of a website. That being said there always are online threats like malware and spyware programs that may actually haunt you even while you’re simply browsing through the various blogs and sites on the Internet. For any online business, a good and reliable free website security scan has almost become a necessity today.

Hackers vs. Website Owners

As a website owner, one should acknowledge the fact that the hackers are nothing short of geniuses with evil intentions, but the word genius is the keyword here unfortunately. It is their sheer determination and intelligence that make them work towards building such sophisticated codes and malware programs that can compromise even the high-end and most secured websites on the Internet.
This is why the biggest companies in the world are always working to up their security walls around their websites. For a regular website, life is simpler comparatively, but one should not mistake it to be completely safe. With countless malware and spyware drones launched from illegitimate servers every single day, it can be safe to say that every website is vulnerable if they do not have reliable website security badges.

WebGuard is the Way to Go

With so many vulnerabilities surrounding the websites, it is only logical that you have a trusted free website security seal in place for your online businesses to make sure that your first line of defense against the malware and spyware is strong enough to avert most of the website security related issues. WebGuard, as the name suggests, is a leading web security guard offering all kinds of security services to websites and online businesses of all sizes.
With WebGuard, you can scan your website for free without any obligations of paying for the services. It is only logical to use this free website security tool to detect any kind of malware present on your website.

Making Use of WebGuard to Safeguard Your Online Empire

You can also use these free website secure seals to take on the most notorious of spyware and malware that are capable of stealing information and compromising your website.
Yet another services offered by WebGuard for security scan website is called “Lite Scan”. The service is apt for businesses and individuals who don’t make changes on their website on a regular basis. As part of the service, your website is scanned once every month. Lite Scan can be available for an extremely reasonable price of $48/year, which works out to be barely 4 dollars a month.
Apart from the one time free website scan that WebGuard offers, you can also sign up for getting your website scanned on a daily basis for just $1/day, in case you require your website to be monitored constantly.
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