The Need for Website Security Protection in the Era of Serial Hackers and Web Offenders

The world of Internet is very quickly converting into a playground where online criminals of all kinds play with the privacy and information of innocent people who have their information and data stored online. The free accessibility, which was earlier considered as a blessing from technology world, has fast turned into one of the biggest issues people are facing today. In a situation like this, it is only smart to be up to date about online security issues and different kinds of web vulnerability. It is equally important that you have the best web security services with you to protect your important private data from the world of website hackers and cyber criminals. Once your online business is attacked it is extremely tedious to recover from the damage caused and right from online reputation to revenue generation, everything can go for a toss.

Dealing with the Rise in Web Attacks

Now people wonder that with trillions of websites out there on Internet what the chances of their domains getting attacked are. The simple answer would be “very high”. You should understand the mind behind such cyber attacks. What happens is that hundreds of malicious or corrupt servers launch a random drive attack targeting millions of domains. They send malicious requests to the recipients, thus building a web around them to get caught. One such big attack can take down countless businesses, so you can just imagine what impact multiple attacks would have!
Without the proper website safety check in place, your online business has extremely high chances of getting infected, and probably even going down.

The Seriousness of Damage

You can understand the seriousness of potential damage this from the fact that just when you register a domain, it automatically gets attention of the automated tools and gets scanned for any vulnerabilities.

Let us look at some of the potential damage that can be caused once a hacker gets full access of your website.

  • The database tables can be altered – This is usually done to inject similar content as listed above to make them appear across all your pages, and redirect the users to phishing sites of black hole exploits.
  • Executable codes can be infested – This allows the hackers to gain complete control of your website and they can manage your website remotely. They can gain the access despite you cleaning up running antivirus protection etc. They can send spam and send mass attacks on other domains that would be routed from your website.
  • Malicious files can be added to your website.
  • Right after .php and .html links, malicious codes and iframes can be injected.

Website Hijacking and Click jacking

Sometimes, a website is not hacked just for the sake of vandalism but the attack can also be with an intention of hijacking the website as a whole. Then the hijacked websites can be used for generating backlinks to dupe search engines. The hackers catch hold of one security hole and make that as their gateway into your website. At times no amount of vulnerability testing can protect you from such hackers. The scripts in your website can be remotely controlled and turned into a drone that generates mass links for their personal websites. These cause all kinds of harm to your domain but help the hacker’s website get higher ranks in search engines.

How Did Some of the Biggest Names Get Gamed by the Hackers

With each year passing be, the hackers are getting stronger, thanks to the latest technologies available at their disposal. Back in 2008, the website of New York Times, one of the biggest names on Internet got attacked in a big way when the email addresses of many registered users of New York Times was stolen.
Let us switch to Hollywood and many of the big names have had their financial information hacked in last few months. The names include Ashton Kutcher, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Paris Hilton, Mel Gibson, Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears and many more.
Even the financial details of America’s first lady, Michelle Obama were not spared by the hackers. Right from online biggies to celebrities to even government websites have been prime targets of the world of hackers.
Many U.S. government websites have been under attack in last couple of years. Nude pictures of celebrities like Scarlett Johansson were leaked through her own cell phone too!

Ignorance on the Part of Webmasters

Despite so much of buzz about online security and threats, many webmasters still don’t seem to be learning a thing about we security. All they go for is those ineffective free malware scan services that do nothing at all.
The hackers and cyber criminals have passed miles ahead of those obsolete free tools. Many online business owners don’t understand that they need to have a proper web security scanner in place and they should constantly look forward to find ways to increase sales by being protected against hackers. Many surveys around the world have strongly suggested that many online customers don’t shop on certain websites mainly due to security reasons.
No matter what the size of your company or business is, it is not safe if you don’t carry out regular security vulnerability assessment and take right steps to safeguard your website.

WebGuard- One Stop Destination for all Your Online Security Issues

With WebGuard website security scan services you can be at your peace as far as online protection of your website is concerned. Through the scan services the company scans the customer websites on the server every single day, which makes sure that the websites are secure from any kind of web application vulnerabilities or any other similar issue. Yet another added advantage of using online security services of WebGuard is the WebGuard security seal, which is attractive and convincing. The customers trust the seal logo and don’t hesitate to buy products on the websites with this seal; this helps in boosting the conversion, and results have shown as much as 14% increase.

With the best of the online protecting software and technologies at their disposal WebGuard strives to gain credibility and earn the trust of its customers. As a website owner, you must consider a powerful security program like WebGuard.

It is one of the most trusted names in online security world. With the web scan seal and the best vulnerability scanner offered by WebGuard, you can easily increase customers trust and protect clients’ info from potential threats.

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