Website and Customer Security During The Holidays

The Holidays are here and that means an increase in online shopping traffic but also an upswing in the amount of online scams and phishing. One of the top concerns for online shoppers is security and when 40% of shoppers worry that their credit card data will be misused you have to make sure that your site is secure and your customers know it.

For many online retailers and companies the Holiday Season is when a large portion of their revenue is made. If your customers don’t think or know your site is secure then there is a good chance they will abandon their purchases when they arrive at the payment part of the checkout. 61% of consumers who have recently made online purchases said they have abandoned their purchases, with the majority saying it was because they had concerns about payment and security.

Customers need to feel comfortable with not only making purchases on your site but also entering their personal information. While payment security is the top concern right behind it is worry about sites not protecting personal information like addresses, date of birth, and social security numbers.

As a website owner you can learn from some suggestions that consumer advocate groups give to those who plan to shop online.  One of the top suggestions is make sure you’re using a secure web site. Seems like common sense but many consumers don’t know what they should be looking for on the pages to show them that it is secure. They suggest looking for a secured symbol like Webguard’s security badge to make sure you are using a secure and safe site.

The bottom line this Holiday Shopping Season is your site needs to be safe for your customers a good way to do that is to use Webguard website security monitoring and reporting for only $1 a day. Contact us for more information and to get your Webguard website security seal today. Make sure your customers are comfortable on your site with Webguard.